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We are honored to announce that the Winnipeg Skating Shelters are featured in the exhibition Plywood: Material of the Modern World at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. On now until Sunday, 12 November.

The exhibition is an excellent investigation of the history of plywood techniques and applications. If you are in London, please stop by and check it out. It’s free! Our shelters are placed in the courtyard of the V&A. The original shelters existed for only a single frigid season on the iced-over Assiniboine river in Winnipeg and have been carefully reproduced for the exhibition by Isokon Plus. Thanks to the the V&A and to Isokon for bringing the Skating Shelters back to light!

Ice-skating shelters, designed by Patkau Architects, 2011. Made by Isokon Plus, 2017.
Generously supported by the AMERICAN FRIENDS OF THE V&A
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