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This small summer cottage has been developed as a prototype rental property for various sites. It is essentially generic in its properties and siting possibilities, notably in the notion of “sidedness” although distinctions of front and back are more casual in a cottage than in an urban or suburban dwelling.

The formal characteristics of the design are likewise prototypical: the building recalls an overturned wooden canoe, a movable shell independent of any specific site. Wood framing and decking are exposed on the interior.

A variety of site “adapters” are developed to respond to site specifics, beginning with a berth: this moorage is a slab on grade or a wood deck on piles. A large fireplace/barbecue anchors the canoe to its berth. In the case of this prototype, which was designed for a site overlooking the Lake of Bays in northern Ontario, cars are left in a common parking lot at some distance from the cottage. The path leads through a maple and birch forest and along a rocky ridge.