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Trail’s End is a large-scale, single family residence in the Resort Municipality of Whistler. It is situated on a steeply sloping site, approximately 2,900 feet above sea level at the base of Whistler Mountain. Immediately to the south, continuing up the mountain, is Crownland – a dense forest of old and second growth evergreens. A series of ski trails cut through the forest and criss-cross the property below the level of the house. To the west are views across the valley to the distant snow-capped mountains and lakes below.

The house was designed for a couple and their children, all avid skiers and life-long visitors to Whistler. The owners were seeking a place where they could reside comfortably on their own or, at times, host family and friends. Given the demands of the site and program the house was designed as three levels; an upper level master suite, central level communal living spaces, and lower level series of guest suites. In this arrangement the owners can live among the uppermost levels without interfering with their guests and vice versa.

The main entry and garage are located on the upper level along with a series of utility rooms for storing, cleaning and dressing in and out of essential ski equipment. The master suite is set apart from these activities and has generous views towards the south and west. A wide stair, lit from above, leads to the central level, directly into the main living space – a two story volume with an undulating wood ceiling. The dining area is separated by a two-sided fireplace and includes a retractable glass corner. In fair-weather the kitchen and dining open onto a large, south facing terrace. Completing the central level are a family room and study. The lower level contains five guest suites, each with their own bath. For entertaining guests there is also a billiard room, gym and sauna. A secondary stair leads up to an outdoor hot tub and sun deck adjacent the south terrace.

The primary structural element of the house is cross laminated timber (CLT). CLT is a mass timber solution that uses three to seven layers of dimensional lumber to create large panels for floors and walls. This method allows for precise, off-site fabrication and quick, on-site assembly. The CLT is used with a thin, concrete topping for floors to allow for two-way spanning and in-floor radiant heating. The roof structure is made of tightly spaced LSL (laminated strand lumber) joists that can support tremendous snow loads.